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Rapid response funding for a rapidly changing movement

We love Third Wave Fund and we love you. Do you need more of a reason to help us raise some money for these folks? Probably? Ok, fair. Check out some of the work Third Wave Fund does below and help us help them fund the future!

About Third Wave Fund
The effort to end gender, racial, and economic oppression is long-term, yet there are critical moments that call for quick action. This fund was set up to support grassroots groups who are often the first to respond to issues of state-violence, reproductive oppression, and attacks on women of color, queer, and trans communities--and the last to receive foundation funding.

About Mobilize Power Fund
The Mobilize Power Fund provides flexible and responsive funding that supports youth leaders as they respond to immediate threats and opportunities.The Fund supports urgent organizing, activism, and mobilization led by young women of color, queer, and transgender youth around the country. This fund helps young people fight for justice and take on this country's most challenging issues in real time. The fund is open year-round and is there for organizers when they need it the most.

You can help grow this fund by contributing as little as $5, or by making a monthly contribution! So be cool, become an activist donor, and pass it on!

Click to learn more about the Mobilize Power Fund!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Feministas aka Your Feminist Grandmas **

About Feminista Social Club
Feminista Social Club is a monthly hang and online community where you can gab about anything and everything. We envision a space for creative production and collaboration, community building and strengthening. In light of our current political landscape(i.e. the world exploding) we are also focusing a lot of energy on social activism.

We welcome any and all interested feminists. To be clear we define feminism as the belief in intersectional gender equality, equity, and justice and acknowledge that we are not defined by sex or gender alone. I know what you might be thinking, “We must be really fun at parties.” And you’d be right, WE ARE DELIGHTFUL!!!

You can connect with us through our Facebook group, blog and in person meetings. We currently have Feminista groups in Buffalo, Los Angeles and New York with a SF/Oakland area group in the works. See our Get Involved page for national and local campaigns, events and contacts. If you don’t live in one of these cities and you’d like to start a group email us at

P.S. Our Facebook group and blog are meant to connect babes from all over, if our in person meetings aren’t for you hang out with us on the world wide web.

Instagram: @feministasocial

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