The Flush Transphobia Fund

Support powerful grassroots responses to harmful bathroom bills & related policies.

Bathroom bills are about more than just bathrooms. They exploit transphobia and violence experienced by women to gain support for sweeping anti-LGBTQ bills while doing nothing to address the real causes of violence against women. If you're concerned about the harm these bills cause to trans, gender non-conforming and intersex communities -- particularly women, folks of color, and youth -- we need your support. If you're angry that conservative men created bathroom bills in the name of women's safety while doing nothing for actual survivors of sexual violence and working consistently against women's rights -- we need your support.

The Flush Fund launched in March of 2016 to fund powerful organizing led by transgender and gender non-conforming youth who are working tirelessly with very few resources. Your gift can help us ensure that the people most affected by these bills have the resources they need to fight for their safety, basic rights, and dignity. When you make a donation, 100% of your gift will directly support these grassroots efforts.

For information on how to apply for a grant, please click here. We've already supported the incredible work of the North Carolina Queer and Trans People of Color Coalition, Stonewall Youth in Olympia, Washington, and InterACT for their efforts to train intersex youth in bathroom bill advocacy.