Revive Love Tour

A tent revival tour providing organizers and communities space to recharge, replenish and build through locally-relevant organizing skills trainings, creative arts & performance, voter contact, and relationship building.

We are in a time where we need social justice organizing, and organizers need spiritual and political fortification to continue their work. Thousands of activists and organizers have been in high action mode for the last several years, and this has been matched with steady and visible violence and violent public rhetoric against Black, LGBTQ and immigrant communities (in particular). The Movement for Black Lives has brought thousands of new people into social movement. Most are ‘cutting their teeth’ as organizers in the streets, not through non-profits. Black people, LGBTQ people and immigrants (especially those under 35) are bringing their courage, brilliance and willingness to the front lines of movement work. We are hearing that they are tired, afraid, and worn down from their work in the streets. It is a key social justice priority to retain veteran and new organizers. To give them sanctuary. People of faith can play a vital role.

The Revive Love Tour offers a space to recharge, replenish, and build. Over a span of five cities the tour intends to foster social engagement and support the movement for Black, LGBTQ, and immigrant lives in a way that recognizes the need for healing space and spiritual accompaniment. Given the national acrimony and social discourse, it is an opportunity to create spaces for artists and activists to sustain and be sustained by the movement. This will be accomplished in four core wa s:

  1. ‘Fortify the Movement’ workshop/discussion with Standing on the Side of Love
  2. An explicitly Pro-Black and Pro-Trans/GNC show by Rev. Sekou and the Holy Ghost in every site in relationship with local and national artists.
  3. Training and 1:1 support ‘clinics’ for lead organizers in local communities
  4. Strong local partnering in every site to build networked relationships

Check out Rev. Sekou and the Holy Ghost in action:

The current draft itinerary includes stops in: Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, New Market, TN, and New Orleans, LA. In every site, we want to offer spiritual and faith-rooted communities training and modeling of how to ‘offer spiritual sanctuary for movement’ in their local communities.

This effort is an immediate response to crisis with the vision for long term sustainability by mobilizing and strengthening local affiliate organizing efforts. Our movements need communities fed and vital to struggle another day. True community leaders are often the most taken for granted. We want to see Black, LGBTQ and immigrant organizers stay in the game. Join us today and support the Revive Love Tent Tour.